Our Founders.

Carlos Cercadillo

Carlos Cercadillo is Spanish and has lived, studied and worked in the USA and Spain. Since his youth he has worked in several multinational companies. However, his professional growth has been on the family business located in Spain.

In the past twenty years, he has worked on developing and consolidating the family companies, mainly related to real estate, thus creating, by 2006, one of the biggest real estate companies in the Iberian Peninsula. In that year, part of this family has decided to sell its participation on the traditional Group Hercesa Inmobiliaria and create a new project named Cerquia.

One of the core businesses of this Group of companies is the management and development of real estate assets belonging to Financial Institutions in Spain. In fact, some companies of the Group Cerquia are directly participated by Cajas de Ahorro (Caja Ahorros Inmaculada, Caja3, Ibercaja – Caja España-Duero).

The last few years have had a business volume of over three thousand millions of euros.

Carlos main functions are:

  • Managing and supervising the institutional operation and the accomplishment the Board of Directors resolutions;
  • Representing the Group in institucional events;
  • Legal representation of the Group;
  • Presiding the Board of Directions and execute his quality vote, when needed;
  • Planning and coordinating the activity of the Board;
  • Making sure the objectives and Group’s policies are executed;
  • Delegating powers on the directors, who report directly to him;
  • Any function related to the Group’s institutional ends.

Jan Maarten Goedemans

Jan Maarten is Dutch and has lived and worked in Spain, Portugal and Ireland since 1996. He has a vast experience in developing and investing in the property market in Spain. He specializes in the negotiation and management of Joint Venture operations between Spanish and international companies. His key areas of focus include:

  • Asset valuation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Fair and reasonable opinions on business strategies
  • Definition and execution of (re) development programs
  • Debt restructuring/(re) negotiation
  • Alternative strategy definition for distressed asset porfolios
Prior to founding Forward Thinking Capital, Jan Maarten was (and is) managing distressed asset portfolios of leading Dutch development and financial institutions in Spain, Portugal and Ireland. Including the development portfolio of Bouwfonds, Rabobank’s development company. Prior to starting a carrier as an entrepreneur, he spent ten years at Ernst & Young and American Appraisal where he was involved in a wide range of high profile developments and transactions.

Jan Maarten has closed / managed in excess of €550 million in transactions and developments in the past 5 years.

Forward Thinking Capital has the privilege to be able to fall back on the experienced development and investment team of professionals of Cerquia. The average Cerquia employee offers more than 15 years of diverse experience, on both the ‘sell’ and ‘buy’ side of the Spain’s property market.

See www.cerquia.com